Pending climate change legislation will affect the ability of classic car owners to enjoy their vehicles. This legislation has been fast tracked. A new emissions classification system which will keep cars built prior to 1997 from entering the city centers of any town with more than 150,000 inhabitants is being introduced in Europe, and is being discussed domestically for adoption. There are approximately 31 million collector cars registered in the U.S., making APP EV’s mission even more critical as the solution for enjoying your classic car should this legislation take effect.

EV conversions are the next wave of hot rodding, and the movement is experiencing tremendous growth. There is no shortage of classic vehicles from eras past that benefit from the instant torque of an EV conversion, especially when compared to their original internal combustion engine (ICE) engines.

We are classic car enthusiasts who see opportunity in these changes. The APP EV platform retains the spirit of millions of beloved classic cars, extends their useful lives, improves their environmental credibility and reduces operating and maintenance cost and hassle.