How do I order my APP EV System

APP EV’s bolt-in, plug & play EV Conversion Systems are available direct from the manufacturer and are shipped to an approved installation facility, your Porsche specialist or to your home. Please complete the form below and we will contact you to direct you to a facility in your region.

APP EV has a network of qualified installers in the U.S and in Europe, although if you have a repair facility that maintains your Porsche, they will be able to install this system in three days by following the provided product documentation and installation instructions. APP EV is a system manufacturer and does not perform installations on customer vehicles. Our focus is on engineering EV conversion systems that qualified facilities can install in a few days.

The 1969-1989 F- and G-bodied Porsche 911 chassis EV Conversion System is available now. Orders are being taken and will determine delivery dates. More applications are in development, please click the APPLICATIONS button in the Nav Bar!

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