APP EV combines cutting-edge engineering processes with decades of manufacturing experience to deliver the only turnkey, truly Plug & Play battery electric vehicle (BEV) conversion systems for classic car owners.

Our Conversion Systems provide the best path for classic car owners to modernize and futureproof their vehicle without compromising any of the elements that makes the vehicle a classic.

What do we mean by this?

It starts with an understanding of what makes a classic car a classic. We are car enthusiasts who have been in the automotive industry for over three decades. We own them, drive and appreciate them.

We retain a classic car’s elements with a keen attention to detail to weight balance and handling characteristics, and propel them with a choice of three power modes: One that replicates the powerband of the factory vehicle, a full-power setting, and a setting for commuting or economy. If the car has a manual transmission we retain it, because that is part of the driving experience.

Inside, we provide OEM-style replacement gauges with the proper readouts for EV displays, and include a digital display for system information (like range and status) that can be installed in a visible location or tucked away to maintain an original, period-correct look. Even the Digital Keypad, which activates the EV system allows you to select power modes, can be hidden (although you’ll want to keep it close).

The end result is a fully-restored, futureproof classic with modern propulsion technology that is fully reversible. Although, we highly doubt you will want to.

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